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Cut boards with your chainsaw


With the Timberjig you take the first cuts with the help of a guide rail you build of a couple of straight boards. For a small investment you cut your own logs – quickly and accurately.

Our simplest alternative works excellently!

Many who use Timberjig for the first time, are impressed by how well it works as a portable sawmill. This equipment turns a standard chainsaw into a complete sawmill. With Timberjig you can cut logs into finished planks and boards. You get a good result at once, with great accuracy. The height setting with clear scales facilitates sawing and gives your timber accurate dimensions.

  • 2,7 metre log length, with the possibility of extension.
  • Powerful chainsaw for safe and convenient log sawing.
  • Guide rail of aluminium gives you high precision.
  • Stable rail holders of steel that can be set to 90-degrees angles in four exact positions.
  • Great freedom to cut timber where you want.
  • Fixed steps for sawing height give your timber accurate dimensions.
  • Easy to use; you get good results at once.

Fits most chainsaws

We can supply you with chainsaw, guide bar and chains that are adapted for log sawing, but you can also use standard equipment if you already own a chainsaw with two guide bar bolts. LOGOSOL recommends Stihl MS391 or MS661 when you are sawing with the Big Mill System.

Perfect for the holiday home

Timberjig is the ideal tool when you want to do carpentry in your leisure time. You can easily make:

  • A hunting lookout in the woods
  • Simple benches and tables
  • Woodwork in your garden
  • A garden shed or a sauna
  • Joinery materials
  • Cladding boards



Technical Data

Weight: 15 kg with the rail package and 5kg without the rail package.
Length: 3 metre as standard (with the rail package). Easy to extend.
Capacity: 2-3 logs per hour.
Max. log diameter: Up to 60 cm, with the possibility of cutting even larger logs.
Recommended bar length: 40-63 cm Recom. motor power: At least 4 hp.


Isiklik teenindus


Meie jaoks on esmaklassiline isiklik teenindus enesestmõistetav.


20-aastane otsene kogemus


Meil on 20-aastane otsene kogemus Logosoli seadmete konstrueerimisel ja nendega töötamisel.


Piiramatu tugiteenus


Tootetekohaste teadmiste ja tootekasutuse kohane piiramatu tugi.


Kiire tarne


Enamus tellimusi tarnitakse otse meie laost. Tipphooajal võivad tarneajad olla veidi pikemad. Tarvikute ja tagavaraosade tarneajad on alati väga lühikesed.


Kaheaastane garantii


Anname kõikidele seadmetele kaheaastase garantii. Garantii hõlmab tootedefekte ja probleeme, mis on ilmnenud seadme tavapärase käitamise käigus, v.a tarvikud, nagu rihmad, juhtplaadid ja ketid.


60-päevane raha-tagasi garantii


Anname kõikidele seadmetele 60-päevase raha-tagasi garantii. Teil on kaks kuud aega otsustada, kas seade sobib teile. Raha-tagasi garantii alla ei kuulu lõikeseadmed, höövel- ja freesnoad ja muud tarvikud.

Hind (Käibemaksuta)
Timberjig Kaasaskantav Saeraam
190,83 €
Juhtrelssi komplekt Timberjigi saeraamile
632,50 €
Timberjig koos juhtrelsikomplektiga
782,50 €
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